Success Stories

The major fleets of this country put their trust in Mobius Group. Our customers are large companies, institutions and top-tier fleets that stand out because of their excellence and innovation. For them, Mobius optimises every automation process and reduces management costs with excellent service and the latest technologies. We not only work on their challenges but also take them to heart so that what is complex can become simple and the right decisions can be made.

The greatest success of the Mobius Group is having the trust of the big brands that use our services and products to manage and maintain their fleets

What matters is not what we say about ourselves but what others say about us.

  • The alliance with Mobius Group and the possibility of having a tool such as the Pegasus platform will facilitate our work for the management of the large fleets that we manage at Drivalia in order to have greater control over the process and also improve the experience offered to all types of customers, both B2C, B2B2C and B2B.

    Antonio Elia – Country Manager CA Auto Bank in Spain
  • The Consortium is familiar with Mobius Group's collaborative culture through PTRZ's work in the field of property damage in extraordinary risk insurance, and this culture coincides with the Consortium's approach to its insurance activity. We are aligned and this greatly facilitates collaboration.

    Alejandro Izuzquiza. Director of Operations, Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros.
  • I don't think we have ever experienced a time with so many opportunities. And that is why both Mobius and Logalty have made a firm commitment to a future that will undoubtedly be eminently digital.

    Mª Dolores Pescador. Executive President Logalty
  • Platforms such as Mobius Group can help us to be fully integrated with our clients. This transparency of information should help us to achieve a relationship of trust between the two. For us, the partner has been fundamental in the management of workshops with expert appraisers. Not only have they provided us with the technological capacity to be connected to our workshops, but also the know-how in network management, in which we claims handlers were not specialists and we have been able to learn from a team as professional as Mobius in Zaragoza. As a technological partner, they have helped us to gather all the information necessary for the professional management of our network and have helped us to transform this information into knowledge.

    Gemma Gálvez Moreno – Claims product manager Generali
  • The insured person demands personalised, simple, fast solutions that involve as few worries as possible, that the company takes care of everything and keeps them informed in a timely manner, that they do not have to be the one behind the company's procedures, that they can resolve everything via their mobile phone. And for this, technological solutions such as those of Mobius go in the right direction.

    José Boada – President Pelayo Foundation
  • Its digital DNA, its capillarity, its focus on process optimisation, the quality of its repairs, and its transparency are values that make us continue to bet on our relationship with Mobius Group every year.

    Paula Gómez, Director of Operations, IT and Development at Northgate Spain
  • You have been recognised with a ‘National 21st Century Technology Award’, so that for our Ganvam NeXo Eco system a technological partner with your innovative capabilities and your disruptive spirit will undoubtedly enrich and drive the project.

    Raúl Palacios. Chairman, GANVAM
  • The mobility sector is making very significant progress with digitalisation, which will be a key vector in the future. All sectors must be involved in this great, vital technological change in order to optimise processes and therefore be more efficient.

    Inés Cardenal. Director of Communications and Legal Affairs, AOP.
  • The process of new mobility has already started and is unstoppable. The two basic characteristics that those who will be the leaders of the digitalisation of mobility are attitude and creativity. These people will need to rely on technologies to help us to understand what is meant by the ‘Voice of the Customer’ (VOC)”. Constantly listening to consumers allows brands to adapt and optimise their strategies in order to maximise profits.

    Juan Luis Barahona. Chairman, FENEVAL
  • During this time we have seen a real revolution in the Mobius Group as it has been able to grow and position itself as a benchmark for the technical management of fleets and corporate mobility, both in the public and the private sector, by covering all aspects of vehicle management and integrating digitalisation into all processes. Not everyone can do that. Many qualities must obviously be combined to do this; the teams and the people on them have to be made of a special clay so that they always understand the project and contribute to it.

    José-Martín Castro. Chairman, Asociación Española de Renting
  • I would like to highlight the close relationship that Arval has with its suppliers. For us, rather than customers and suppliers, we are partners. We make an effort to listen to their opinions, viewpoints and suggestions so as to be able to improve every day. We have a great relationship with the Mobius Group as a technological partner, continuing to make progress with digitalisation.

    César Estrela López. Director Global Operations & Insurance, Arval Service Lease
  • Admiral has been collaborating with the Mobius Group, through PTRZ, for many years, with excellent results on both sides. This collaboration, which was planned to be long-term from the beginning, is based on a model of trust and mutual transparency, with both of us seeking to meet the needs of our common clients: swift, quality service. The more than 20,000 customers who have used Admiral’s services in recent years have proven this. Today, the technical and technological capability and professionalism of the Mobius Group staff means that we can continue to improve this service, if this is possible.

    José María Pérez de Vargas. Director of Accident and Anti-Fraud Management, Admiral Europe
  • The Mobius Group has succeeded over the years in making its mark on the repair management structure of our fleet. During this time it has demonstrated its reliability, versatility and ability to adapt to our changes – of which there have been many – its commitment to customer service and its ability to respond to more or less critical situations.

    Daniel Cañas. Fleet Director, Europcar Mobility Group
  • The Mobius Group, like ALD, is aware that mobility will change the world and that it is changing the world. For that reason, as necessary agents of this change, we make an effort to implement technology and innovation to bring safety and comfort to drivers. We are also united in our commitment to the environment and the optimisation of resources. We have been working together for several years and with the same commitment to sustainable, smart mobility.

    Clara Santos. Deputy director-general, ALD Automotive


Mobius Group interacts with 70% of Spanish renting , monitoring over 3 million files and directly managing more than 50,000.


Rent-a-car companies find in Mobius Group the perfect combination of a technological model and a multidisciplinary human team, committed to innovation and the design of customised solutions for every customer.


Mobius Group is a comprehensive solution for the management of the different stages of vehicle accidents, with digitalised appraisal services, a nationwide network of garages and real-time digital spare part location processes. We are also experts in the repair of total losses declared by the insurance company, making it easier to retain customers.


Because of the Mobius Group team and its technology, fleet managers have an overview of the condition of their vehicles and can propose specific actions for reducing costs and downtime.


The financial solvency of Mobius Group allows us to meet the requirements of public tenders. We know how the public sector operates and we add great value to the maintenance and repair of public fleets.

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