The Mobius team participates in different social causes, promoting aid to the most disadvantaged groups and in environmental initiatives, mainly to raise awareness.


We are convinced that when we make decisions that benefit the Planet and Society, we are also strengthening our company.


In the field of Society, the Mobius Group team is actively involved in volunteer work and collaborates financially with the Talismán Association. This association works to promote various environmental initiatives and the integration of people with disabilities into the workplace.


In the dynamic business world, attracting, training and retaining talent is essential for success. At Mobius Academy, we are dedicated to forging a new generation of professionals by developing courses that share our knowledge in managing mobility dossiers, communication skills and the digital era.

Our mission is nurtured through partnerships with public or private institutions, ensuring comprehensive and relevant learning focused on new professionals.


huella carbonoIn terms of the environment, we are key players in Alcobendas Huella Cero, an initiative that we promoted at its inception together with the Alcobendas City Council, Alcobendas Hub, Kia, the Alcobendas Business Association (AICA) and the Alcobendas Sports Foundation (Fundal).
Through the Alcobendas Huella Cero seal, we assume a commitment to environmental sustainability, prioritising the reduction of emissions and promoting actions that foster a culture of decarbonisation. Our main objectives include:

  • Increasing our ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.
  • Facilitating access to sustainable mobility for all by improving energy efficiency.
  • Redefining our consumption patterns and promoting the measurement, reduction and offsetting of carbon emissions.
  • Raise awareness among the general population to adopt green practices as part of their daily routine.

In line with these goals, we have implemented Mobility Plans and Transport to Work Plans (TTP), which contribute to the reduction of pollutant emissions by encouraging more environmentally friendly forms of access to work for our employees and visitors. We also conduct free fleet audits to assist in the transition to a more efficient and sustainable fleet.


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