PEGASUS is our platform developed by and for industry professionals. Designed to connect everyone involved in repairs and claims, PEGASUS adapts to every fleet, from large companies to SMEs and institutions. Its functional richness goes beyond managing repairs; it accelerates the digitisation of any process thanks to its unique customisation.

The benefits are clear:

  • PEGASUS simplifies processes and reduces costs, while maintaining competitiveness. Capturing data in real time, from communications to professional interactions.
  • PEGASUS massively processes and manages information for detailed analysis. We manage half a million repair and claims records.

Our technology is like a LEGO system, fitting together pieces of after-sales and fleet management processes into an efficient solution. We team with companies to ensure effective adoption of digitalisation, because we know that technology is powerful when everyone uses it.

Discover transformation with PEGASUS and take the step towards smarter and more efficient management.


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