Our approach is based on the synergy of training, consulting and auditing to transform the vehicle fleet into an efficient, sustainable and profitable asset.

Mobius Group as a consultancy focuses on in-depth assessment of the current fleet and operations. We work hand in hand to identify areas of improvement and optimisation opportunities. From the selection of tracking and telemetry technologies to the implementation of advanced software solutions, our consultants will guide you on the path to comprehensive digitisation of your processes.

Specialised audits provide insight into where a fleet stands in terms of sustainability and profitability. We provide a complete and accurate overview of both environmental and economic aspects, identifying areas to reduce carbon footprint and optimise operating costs. Our goal is to develop a concrete and realistic plan to transform your fleet into a greener and more profitable fleet.

Each fleet is unique and requires a customised approach. Our training programmes are designed to empower teams with the skills needed to adopt best practices in fleet management. Our experts guide your courses in the necessary transition to a more efficient and technological approach.

ArturoMobius Group Audit, Consultancy and Training