The Mobius Group combines a wide range of engineering, technological, appraisal, purchasing, safety, mechanical and communications professionals. Over 200 highly qualified staff pass on their commitment to their customers in the form of motivation, ideas and enthusiasm. Our success is based on the human and professional leadership of the Mobius team.

Management Team

Mobius Group

Fernando Pérez Granero.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

With a BA in Law and Business Sciences from ICADE, Ferdinando has over twenty-five years experience in company management. He has worked in exceptional environments (crises, restructuring, start-ups, etc.) in a variety of sectors and with both Spanish and international companies.
Member of the board of directors.

José Piñera.

International Strategy

With a BA in political science and sociology, José has an MBA from ICADE, and an adviser’s certificate from the Institute of Advisers and Administrators (ICA) and is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organisation (YPO). He is a specialist in the automotive post-sales sector and digital marketing. His experience in managing the repair of large fleets of vehicles led him in 2013 to found MKD Automotive (today, the Mobius Group) and in 2015 Reparatucoche.com.
Member of the board of directors.

Héctor Izquierdo

CEO Invarat & Garantiplus.

A technical industrial engineer with a clear vocation for the automotive industry and services, he completed his education with an MBA and several masters degrees focusing on specialisation and team management. A decided entrepreneur and businessman, he has led a variety of companies that he himself founded both in Spain and Latin America.
Member of the board of directors.

José Antonio Arpal.

General Manager – Zaragoza

More than twenty-five years’ experience in the appraisal sector, following his dream of setting up and growing a team of professionals who would offer solutions to the major problems confronting experts, insurance companies, leasing companies and garages. José Antonio has an in-depth knowledge of all the players involved in repair management that enriches all the details of the projects of which he is part.

José Antonio Camellín.

General Manager – Madrid

An expert in innovation processes and service transformation for the automotive industry. José Antonio has more than twenty-five years’ experience of leading teams in both operations and sales. His time with renting and leasing, fleet management, rent-a-car, post-sales and service management companies have led him to be responsible for the development and implementation of a variety of international projects and the coordination of multidisciplinary teams in several countries.

Pedro Redondo

Director of Operations, Invarat & Garantiplus

With almost 30 years’ experience, Pedro Redondo has spent his professional career in the world of mechanical engineering and appraisals. He has been a legal expert since 2010 and has trained and led groups of experts developing technical information and offering legal defence. The study of the growth of the automotive sector has been one of his major premises and he has taken a variety of training courses in technologies and systems. He is currently the Director of Operations for Invarat and Garantiplus, for both Spain and Latin America.

Teresa Alonso-Majagranzas.

Director of Communication and Marketing

A communicator since she finished her degree in Journalism, Teresa worked for thirteen years in an advertising agency for important clients in the tourism, energy, technology, political and institutional sectors, developing communication and marketing campaigns both in Spain and internationally. She was the general manager of external and internal communication and social media for Alcobendas City Council for twelve years. She has a Master’s degree in protocol and institutional relations and several degrees related to digital communication, innovation and business leadership. She is a trainer in public speaking and communication.

José Manuel Martíns


Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in Full Stack development with a business focus and specialisation in digital transformation. Throughout his outstanding career, he has assumed key roles as Project Manager (PM), Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He has led the management of infrastructures, systems and technology strategies, leading teams in various companies and countries. His focus is on bringing innovation to each company, creating technology solutions that drive growth. His strategic vision and leadership have been instrumental in delivering complex projects, making a significant difference in the technology and business landscape.

Manuel Domínguez.

Financial director

With a degree in Administration and Company Management, Manuel specialises in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), the implementation of RPA in administrative processes, business development and process design for both accounting and HR. He has worked for some important companies, including RCA-BMGSONY Music; Deloitte; Vasalto; Carrefour Express, Grupo Menzies, NH Hoteles and Ubyquo.

Pilar Pato.

Human Resources Director

BA in Psychology, a certificate in Executive Coaching and Systems Coaching for Individuals and Teams. She has had more than 20 years’ experience in Human Resources Consulting, Training and People Development for a variety of clients, including Asitur, Abertis Telecom, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, Cáritas and Grupo CEMEX. Since 2006, she is a lecturer in leadership and change at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board collaborates in Mobius Group’s aim to be the best technological ally in the management of services and technologies for the management of claims, rejections, appraisals and repairs for insurance companies.

From left to right: José Boada, President of Fundación Pelayo. Julián López Zaballos, Chairman of the Board of Admiral Europe. Juan Hormaechea, former CEO of Mutua Madrileña. Jordi Pagés, CEO of WeeCover. And Maria Dolores Pescador, Executive President of Logalty.

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